Hey GitHub, you think you should hire me. Why is that?

Or maybe you don't, but you're still reading. Don't stop just yet.

My name is William Ghelfi, nice to meet you. You should hire me.

I'm an eclectic Web Developer with 15+ years work experience in software development.
I love creating things. My current tools of the trade are: pen & paper, Balsamiq Mockups, HTML & CSS, AngularJS.

My ideal work routine starts with continuous research, analyzing the UX of everything I stumble upon: from a parking meter to GitHub’s home page.
After the research comes the paper, and a low-fidelity mockup.

The mockup is then shared, feedback is quickly collected, processed, and merged into the design.

Finally, the best part: building & shipping!
Give me Sublime Text and a Gruntfile, and let me do my thing.

I know: you want to see a portfolio of sorts. And that's ok; as it happens, I've got one!

Here's some more about me, though


I'm that guy who can talk to DevOps, share some tricks, get some insights; who then listens to a back-end dev and actually understands what they're saying.
Who then again gets back to have a conversation with others in the UX team, and finally comes up with a design that just nails it.

You need that guy. You need me.

Born, growing up.

It's my motto. I am the continous learner: I learn, therefore I live. Today, I'm having a very good time with Angular. Tomorrow, maybe I'll dig into React.
Or I'll go back learning how to build my own REST back ends with Rails from where I left the first time.

I have to learn, just like a shark has to roam. You need someone like me.

My own voice.

I listen, I observe. But I speak with my own voice.
With my designs - ok, with just anything really – I like to research, try, get feedback, fail if it comes to that, own my failure, take responsibility, and do better the next time around.

I won't comply, I won't conform just out of the fear of failure. You need that.

Don't take my word for it

Stefano Puddu

I'm always impressed by his technical skills, by the attention to details and the love he pours into everything he does. William would be an asset to any team, everywhere. Stefano Puddu – Analyst Programmer, Avanade

Valerio Mulas

Brilliant, skilled, focused and impressive 360° worker. Personally, I think he might be the final form of the CTO evolution. Valerio Mulas – System Engineer, TSC Consulting

Simone Loru

He is creative and proactive, always in the process of learning something new or going in-depth on a known topic. Simone Loru - Analyst Programmer, Avanade

Andrea Dessì

Working with William is always a pleasure because of his great creativity and humor. He is someone who looks farther than the others. Andrea Dessì – Interaction Designer, Inpeco

I wish GitHub would just hire him. My head will explode if I hear him say how great GitHub is just once more.

Daniela Nieddu – Wife, Home

If I already have you, get in touch


Keep calm and a class

Bootstrap CSS utils

A Bower component with some utility CSS classes for Bootstrap

Output example of the Yeoman generator.


A collection of opinionated Angular modules and whatnot, made with love

Bootstrap In Practice

An ebook about Bootstrap 3 for complete beginners

Born, growing up

A blog, where I write about UX, life, and Monty Brewster

That's it. This website is a love letter for you, GitHub.
And if you're interested, or just want to know more:

Open a pull request

So I can add you to my work experience